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It looks like the delegates of the Human Rights Council have been naughty, because the eyes in the shadows did not fail to see! The Gossip Box was filled today with mysterious love notes, funny observations and many more, such as:

“Russia drinks more than a stereotypical Russian!”

“Somebody said Nepal, but it sounded like N#pple”

“Saudi Arabia kills people in her spare time.”

“Everyone was contradicting the concept of twerking in public yesterday in the mocking session, but they seems to have contradicted themselves on the dancefloor at parties!”

“Finland is an alcoholic, don’t listen to him!!”

“The photographer does a wonderful job! Keep it up!”

“Mr. Chairperson always looks worried, chill out, man!”

“Russian Federation and female Chairperson, make a @#@$ movie together already!”

“China, why are you flip-flapping like a scared cat?”

“When shouting, I think Saudi Arabia is transforming into a Super-Sayan!!”

“The HR Coordinator looked very… courageous at the Pirates’ Paradise”

“UAE is HOT!”

“English makes you sexy! :)”

“Denmark, do you have problems with your feet? Next time, stand up!”

“Secretary General, please speak more, we <3 your accent!”

“China, stop being so shy! You’re going great, for God’s sake, you’re China!”

“UK is super sleepy, please smile!”

“No comments from Finland ever since banning pornography was mentioned! Hmm…”

“We want to hear more of India!!”

“Japan looks like a very cool and friendly Schwarzenegger.”

“ The female chair is sooo cute!”

“India, smile more, it’s not the end of the world!”

“Japan looks like Hulk!!”

“It’s my first time participating at something like this, I’m very nervous! But thank you, I will try to be more calm…”

“UK, cat got your tongue?”

“The press officer really enjoys Prezzels! I mean REALLY enjoys Prezzels.”


It seems that “Gossip Girl” inspired the Security Council as well, as the whisperers from this committee have not failed to catch up with the chatterboxes in the Human Rights Council:


“Food for Nigeria!”

” I want to kiss the lips of UAE in HRC so badly! They fascinate me”

“Chile, stop playing with your possesions it’s very annoying!”

“Chairperson, stop putting your finger in your nose”

“A lot of positive energy!”

“Toby’s voice = <3″

“Seden, I need your hair!!!”

“The Security Council Chairpersons were really happy and in a singing mood last night”

“I love Seden <3″

“Chile is the most prepared delegate”

“Toby please go to the X Factor!”

“Spain will change the world”

“We have the most charming chairpersons in the SC ever!!”

“Russia has an annoying voice”

“We are so happy to be here this morning. Being alive is great!”

“The press officers are hot!!!!! <3″

“China has a hangover.”

Security Council – First Session


The main subject discussed today in the first committee session of the Security Council is the overwhelming issue of ISIS, as the Secretary General, Iulia-Cezara Abacioaei, stated during the committee ”It has taken proportions, it is crucial, we need to solve it as son as posible!”. In order to fight this issue, the Security Council reunited  and tried to suggest solutions, in order to solve the problem in a diplomatic approach.

The first delegation to take the floor was Chille, which seemed to be very subjective in the disscution, shortly followed up by Angola. The first motion stirred the first conflict and contradictions arised beetwen France and Chille. The French delegation also took its part in the debate, standing against the delegation of the United States of America, sharing thoughts about ISIS and methods of eradicating terrorism. The delegations of China and of the Russian Federation agree and support the concept of taking responsablity in stopping terrorism from expandng, especially when young groups are targeted as further possible victims. Looking forward to bringing out a solution, the Security Council engaged in debating many subjects of discussion but didn’t manage to reach a conclusion today. Ibitoye Oluwatobi Ayokunle, one of the Chairpersons said ”We need concreet actions against ISIS, it is our responsability to fight against the terrorism threats but we also all need to be on the same boat in order to survive”. The delegates will reunite soon for redisscusing the world’s most threatening issue: Terrorism.


Human Rights Council – First Session


The delegates of the Human Rights Council in Timisoara Model United Nations 2015 have had their first session of debates, in which they began discussing the topic named “Rethinking the Freedom of Speech and its Legal Codification”. After presenting the positions of their countries regarding this matter, the delegations actively engaged in the debate.

      The delegation of the Russian Federation began militating for a certain level of speech restriction, supporting this idea by explaining how destructive certain manifestations with a hateful characteristic for religious groups, ethnicities or political sides are for the population, opinion supported by the People’s Republic of China and Saudi Arabia. Other arguments covered the impact the ultimate freedom of speech could have on the younger population.  As a response, the delegation of Finland opposed the concept by referring to historical figures such as Ghandi, as symbols, but also emphasizing on the importance of freedom of speech in matter of society development.

     Denmark emphasised the need to represent the principles that all the countries have agreed upon in 1948, in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, argument which stirred a very active debate regarding the limitations of this treaty.

   The freedom of expression on the internet and in the media were another topics debated by the delegations present in the council.

Timișoara Model United Nations 2015 Opening Ceremony


It is our pleasure to announce you that Timișoara Model United Nations 2015 anniversary edition has officially begun! This year’s edition is taking place at the West University of Timișoara. Model United Nations is an academic simulation of the United Nations where students play the role of delegates from different countries and attempt to solve real world issues using the policies and perspectives of their assigned country.

Our delegates  are challenged with dynamic debate topics which put issues into light that concern the UN system and the international community. The general theme of the conference is The Discipline of Peace. Fostering Concord in a Multicultural and Inter – Connected World. The committees which are being simulated are: The Security Council and The Human Rights Council.

In the Security Council, the debated theme  is Terrorism and its implications. Improving the prevention capabilities against the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) threats.  ISIS is an acronym for one of the world’s most notorious terrorist groups. It is also referred to as Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) or very simply, Islamic State (IS). It is a jihadist organization that aims to form an Islamic state (caliphate) and its forms of expression are crimes, abusses against the humanity and for that this group represents a threat against the world’s peace.

The theme debated in the Human Rights Council is Rethinking the freedom of speech and its legal codification. While people have the right to seek, obtain, receive and hold information about human rights and human rights violations, states should ensure that people are able to peacefully protest, publicize and circulate information and criticize the failure of governments to protect of promote human rights.

At the opening ceremony, the speakers were Valentin Florea- President of UN Youth Association of Romania, Turcu Andreea President of the UN Youth Association of Romania-Timișoara Branch and the Project Manager of Timișoara Model United Nations 2015 Conference; Cătălin StăniuVicepresident of the UN Youth Association of Romania-Timișoara Branch and the Co-project Manager of TMUN 2015; Alexandru Jădăneanț- Lecturer at The Faculty of Political Sciences, Philosophy and Communication Sciences and Director of the Political Science Department, West University of Timisoara;  Dan. D. LazeaProrector of the International Relations and Institutional Communication Department at the West University of Timișoara; Silviu Rogobete -Ph.D., Doctor of Philosophy; Siegfried Geilhausen – Viceconsul of Germany at Timișoara; Jose Miguel Vinals Arino – Honorary Consul  of Kingdom of Spain at Timișoara; Maria Ciorba –  Europe Direct Coordinator; Grigore Grigoroiu-Deputy  Director  at the  Cultural House of Students Timișoara; Iulia-Cezara Abăcioaiei – Secretary General of Timisoara Model United Nations 2015, UN Youth Association of Romania- Bucharest Branch-Director Projects Department.

The UN Youth of Romania-Timișoara Branch would like to thank all the partners who have played a great part in the accomplishment of TMUN. Also, we would like to wish the best of luck to all the delegates!

Hello world!

Dear delegates, chairs, and TMUN friends,

It is our utmost pleasure to invite you to the fifth edition of  Timisoara Model United Nations 2015!

TMUN will take place in Timisoara, candidate city to become, in 2021, the European Capital of Culture. Being one of the largest Romanian cities and considered the informal capital city of the historical region of Banat, Timisoara is the main social, economic and cultural centre in the western part of Romania.

Starting from the 14th until 16th of May 2015, you will be challenged with dynamic debate topics that concern issues spanning the entire UN system and international community.

In the following paragraph we will briefly explain the contents of each page on the website and its purpose.

To acquire information about the location of the event, the city in which it will take place and the accommodation offered, please visit the Venue section on our website.
To apply for a delegate position at Timişoara MUN 2014 please visit the Registration section, where you will be given all the necessary details for your application (Participation fee, Application requirements, etc.).


To find out the  general theme of the conference and the Committees simulated at TMUN, as well as the topics discussed during the simulation, please visit the Committees section.


To prepare for the conference please visit the Info section where you will find useful Guides for a number of activities which you will perform before and during TMUN, such as research, giving speeches, writing resolutions etc. On this section you will also find the Rules of Procedure which are a critical component of every MUN as they prescribe the actual conduct of business during the simulation.

To check out the Program please visit the Program section.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions about Timisoara, the conference, or your attendance. In addition, keep checking our social media and website as we continue to post more details and information about the simulation.

We couldn’t be more excited to host you in Timisoara in May and we look forward to meeting each one of you at TMUN 2015!



The Organizing Team